Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Yes, the DVLA have finally gone for my latest mugshot along with Hazel's. They've reduced it to this minuscule size though:but at least they've accepted it.

My thanks must go to Hazel for buying me the super Fuji digital camera last Christmas and for her unstinting patience in getting the original snap she took of my head to fit the format they insist on. Clearly the dressing gown I was wearing on the original shot I took — utilising the 10 sec timer — was a little too avant-garde but que sera sera.

Thankyou, thankyou! I love you all!


Nev and Pat said...

Hello to you both
loved the photo!

N & P

Richard said...

Hi Grenville,
It makes you look like a Hollywood movie star/Mafia gangster.


Grenville and 'brother' said...

Had a right palaver with this. Bloody DVLA returned the 1st one I sent 'em 'cos I was wearing a dressing gown or I'd just shot my head too big. Either way I wasn't too pleased with them wasting my time: hence the angry scowl on this latest!

Lucy Patridge, Retail Manager, Chapel Down Wines said...


I love the picture.... shame it wasn’t the one of you in your dressing gown though!

See you soon. I look forward to future photoshoots...