Friday, 6 March 2020

Still haven't blotted my copybook it seems....

Hi there, Grenville, welcome to the Cygnet!
Thank you for getting back so promptly.....and for being as conscientious as this. Thank you too for filling the gap on 14th.

But we'd like to assure you this email was not really aimed at our lovely new artists!! This is truly an ongoing problem......and one which affects several much more long-standing artists than yourself. 
We are, in particular, giving those historical members a nudge to pull together, to wake them up so we can continue to maintain what we believe is a beautiful and creative space. To make them realise the Gallery doesn't run itself over the years, many seemingly think!

Well done. Your new unit looks lovely; vibrant, colourful and eye catching with a quirky tongue in cheek humour, the painting which made me chuckle aloud were the ducks/ geese "debating "!
I look forward to meeting you at some stage soon.....and once again, welcome to The Cygnet!
All the very best,
Cali (on behalf of all the Cygnet artists)

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