Friday, 9 October 2020


Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2020 at 07:53

A few words of warning from an old ad pro:
It is a complete waste of money and time running invisible/wallpaper advertising.

Imagine my frustration when none of my body copy I spent time crafting nor my headline has been actioned. 

I've written for Ferrerro Raffaello "The light white bite", "Whoop it up with Vimto", "Have You Been Grabbed By The Grunhalles?" for a Greenall Whitley lager (the accompanying beer mats I wrote for the tv commercial I also wrote are still selling on Ebay), 78-sheet poster for Air France on the Hammersmith flyover: "A FLOCK OF FLIGHTS. A PRIDE OF STAFF. NO HERDS." Eurocamp: "Fun in the sun for under a ton!". And so on ~ over a 25 year period. Below is just one of my award-winning ads I came up with for the NSPCC....

I was paid enough to wear coats like the above and drive a black company BMW. 

All because I came up with eye-catching advertising. You see, it pays to advertise!
    f i n e   a r t i s t 

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