Saturday, 3 October 2020

"Grenville, you're becoming quite a local celebrity, I hear!"

Grenville Allen (@grenvilleallen) tweeted:
Super-duper interview with Keri from @ListenToAlfred. And it's equally super-duper that he took shots of what was happening. Just click on ðŸ‘‰

    f i n e   a r t i s t 

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Grenville and 'brother' said...

Grenville Allen
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Lotsa plaudits 👏 "Brilliant stuff!" "Loove it!" "I'm loving it!", etc for our local radio interview including this one from a top London agency creative at BMP (Boase Massimi Pollit):
Just listening to you now, I love it!
7:26 PM
Me: Aww, thank you!🤪
He: ❤
7:27 PM
Me: Hazel thinks they edited out my descriptions of the tv commercials I'd done for Air France as they wouldn't make good radio!
7:29 PM
Oh I don't know about that, I think you've got a wonderful voice! 😃Maybe it was a copyright issue lol?
7:30 PM
I could listen to you and Hazel for hours! You need your own PR show!