Thursday, 3 September 2020

Fwd: Cygnet Committee...?

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From: Grenville Allen 

'Morning everyone

Having witnessed the heroic efforts of Liz re the chairing role, I'd now like to take the ball and run with it. From chairing a fishing club as a schoolboy to chairing my own creative consultancy near Old Street in London I feel I have a vision for the Cygnet Gallery. Its sheer quirkiness appeals and really needs bringing out even more.

There's Diana's wacky papier maché sculptures, Yve's and Shireen's work, Rachel's and Fiona's jewellery, Anna's Dorset Buttons, Colin's Heath Robinson-like objéts and Alan's, Des's stripy ceramics, Richard's Green Men and I think Mary-Ann's super moths could rotate with Barry's paintings on that prominent wall in the High St-end entrance. Roz and Jess give felt a whole new meaning! Maxine's work delights ~ as does Claire's and Jason's.  Of course there's the two-dimensional extravaganza of Lisa's calligraphy, Cali's, Lindsey's, Peter's, Andy's and Liz's work (although Liz exhibits three-dimensional work too of course). Not forgetting my own pics and Paul's photography. I feel that with courtesy we can all rub along nicely together following all our different pursuits.

Anyway, thanks again to Liz we can conduct all our meetings via Zoom ~ a real godsend.

Christmas is coming and that'll mean pulling out the stops marketing-wise. I think a joint promotion with all the respective businesses in Swans Yard should be the way forward. 

Right then. I hereby put my name forward to be voted in as Chair.

All the best

    f i n e   a r t i s t 

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