Sunday, 6 December 2020

Cleaning vacancy

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From: Peter Alleyn
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2020 at 12:59
Subject: Re: Cleaning vacancy

Hi Grenville,

Thanks for your message.

Excellent idea this - it would be good to have the job done on a regular basis without having to take up the time that an artist could spend more creatively.

Also, an additional point is, that with so many people now desperate to find some sort of employment in these troubled times, it would be at least a small supportive gesture to the local community.

All Best Wishes


Sent: Saturday, 5 Dec, 20 At 18:51
Subject: Cleaning vacancy

'Evening All

Since Lisa relinquished her role it was agreed at the recent committee meeting that we need someone to make sure the gallery is kept in tip-top shape. As yet no-one has stepped forward to continue with this vital work.

Because of its importance it was decided that the gallery will have to employ someone to do an early morning/evening shift ~ an hour at the beginning of the week and another at the end of the week. Payment would be £10 an hour. (So £20 a week would have to come out of the £3.50 a month payment all artists contribute. As a consequence this may well have to be increased.) The job would entail:
  • steam-cleaning & vacuuming the floor
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • washing & replacing tea towels
  • cleaning both door windows
  • emptying the bins
  • cleaning both desk areas & screens
Artists' display areas remain the responsibility of each artist to keep clean and tidy. So it's up to you to keep them looking fab.

If any of you would like to take up this vacancy please let me know within the next 7 days. If l don't hear anything the job will be advertised.

Grenville Allen

Cygnet Members Liaison Officer

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