Wednesday, 9 December 2020

'Time Lapse'

Gold Hill is famous for the Hovis brand
And the plaintive strains of a colliery band

{Hazel hums mellifluously in a much higher key than the last time we heard her]
Daa-daa-daa dee-dee

But beyond the cobbles 
And beyond the bread
There's a lot more to Shaftesbury 
It has to be said

In 888 or thereabouts
Aethelgifu, Alfred's daughter, shouts
"Come one and all to my nun-nery
It's vast, has stone walls, gardens
And it's right here in Shaft-es-bury!"

It's now over a thousand years on
The walls have almost gone
But the gardens are still a delight
Day and night

What's more you can Listen to Alfred
It's on every day
If you're local you can listen to Alfred
And have your say

Shaftesbury to Semley, Motcombe to Melbury 
You'll not be left out
What about the Donheads?! I hear you shout

Yes, Donheads St Andrew, St Mary, St James 
All within reach ~ not out of range
Community gossip, anything topical, anything strange

You text, you message, you post, you tweet
It's all on the 'net and right up your street

You can record yourself too
Like Grenville's keen to do

[Grenville replies grandly ~ weighing his words]
Captured on podcasts so it all lasts
Forever and a day.
Marvellous, eh?!

[Hazel again]


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