Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Rotas for week commencing 28 December & 4 January

From: Grenville Allen
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 at 09:16
Subject: Re: Rotas for week commencing 28 December & 4 January
To: Des Alner 

Oh dear, Des. Sounds like with FIVE in the gallery last night it was hopelessly over-staffed. If there'd been Lisa's idea of putting bouncers on the door it would have been nigh on impossible to keep socially distant. Remember the government guidelines: wash your hands, cover your face, keep space. Hands ~ face ~ space!

Anyway, that was that. Late night openings are over now. But. With normal opening hours from Christmas to the New Year the Cygnet could possibly be in with a few sales. We've found many people are out looking for something to do during the aforementioned period and are keen to spend their gift money.

If ~ and admittedly it's a big if ~ we can continue without being put into a complete lockdown. Government announcement due for the latest tiers and guidelines from December 30. I fear the worst. But like you, Des, I don't want to appear too negative. It's like we're living in a horror movie. Surreal.

Our experience on Sunday at Salisbury gave a fair indication of how the public is reacting to all this. Most wearing masks. V subdued. We took a third of what we took there last year.

Hazel and I up for it ~ hands sanitised, masks on, socially distant. As I say though, there'll probably be a complete lockdown soon! 

So to sum up: we'll be guided by the science

PS Rent goes back up from January 1. Unless we hear to the contrary.

    f i n e   a r t i s t 

On Mon, 21 Dec 2020 at 23:11, Des Alner wrote:
Hello All.

 Having helped with tonight`s late opening. The whole town was shut after 5pm. apart from Swans yard. So extremely quiet. There were 5 of us in and in discussion were of the opinion that we should close from Xmas to new year on the 4th. As Lindsay and Diana have already expressed their views ,I propose we extend the views to all. Most of town will be shut and considering our current crisis , we need to decide quickly as many of us have to deal with family issues etc. which have been impacted by the crisis.  So does the committee want to take this on or leave to everyone`s response ? I think we need a decision SAP . Not wanting to be negative. 

  take care  Des     

On Monday, 21 December 2020, 11:51:27 GMT, Liz Shewan wrote:

I take it we're staying open... aren't we lucky when everywhere else is going into tier 4!  Logically we all sit in the gallery or shop for groceries and mix with people not in our households as it is, so I do wonder what's the difference to any other time?  

Happy Christmas everyone x


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