Monday, 1 March 2021

Housekeeping tasks in the Cygnet Gallery

From: Grenville 
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2021 at 12:55
Subject: Housekeeping tasks
Hello everyone

You may remember that at the end of last year I put in a request for Cygnet members from January 1 to take on various tasks to save our employing a professional cleaning company. This is for a trial period of two months to see if we can all make it work.

A list of tasks to be filled is pinned up in the kitchen. These are the results so far.... 

Task/Name of Artist(s) taking responsibility
Vacuuming (including cobwebs on the ceilings and walls!) = 
Steam cleaning the floor
Cleaning the common areas eg the staff seating areas & screens
Cleaning the glass in all the entrance doors
Cleaning the kitchen = Lisa
Tea towel washing and replacement = Peter
Paper towels replenished in dispenser = Grenville
Tea, coffee and powdered milk monitor
Credit card rolls (make sure we don't run out)
Pens, sticky tape and miscellaneous stationery
Ordering packaging (bags, bubble wrap) = Rachel
Emptying bins = Lisa
Hand sanitiser monitor 

Now then. Any more of you willing and able to go on the list? After all, the tasks aren't onerous and it would keep our lovely gallery looking tip-top and inviting. It's all about enhancing the customer experience. You may greet them with a smile but it's not a good look if there are cobwebs dangling all around you. Reggie Perrin's Grot Shop springs to mind. Or Sunshine Desserts ~ where another one of the letters on their sign would fall off in each new episode. As in S_shin_ D_ss_rts!

So please, please come forward and light your own name up blue ~ as above. You know it makes sense.
Cygnet Members Liaison Officer

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