Friday, 12 March 2021

Zoom meetings

Subject: Re: Shelves
To: Gaynor 

'Afternoon Gaynor

Ta for your nice compliments re our new display.

And yes, go for it on FB etc. This 'idea' of renting that area out to 'visiting artists' won't work.

Here's handy advice for setting up a Zoom meeting btw: just click here. 

And as regards Jackie Weaver.... Just click here!  

Would you like to be on the committee? We definitely need people like you.  👍

    f i n e   a r t i s t 

On Fri, 12 Mar 2021 at 10:06, Gaynor wrote:
Hmmm what a shame. Sorry you had to go it alone. Perhaps we need to get Jackie Weaver in!
I was off work yesterday but forgot about the zoom meeting. It annoys me that I miss them because I don't feel like I have a voice, though I know that you speak for me, which is appreciated. 
I personally feel that throwing money at an old rag like the Blackmore Vale is a waste of time. I do like the paper but what's the readership? You have to have a good editorial piece to capture people's interest. 
We need to move forward not back. That corner where you have moved your work to looks bloody brilliant! It looks fresh and clean and as a customer I would head over in that direction. The other corner which I want to tear down! Haha! Is cramped and dark. I personally would not want the window space but I can see its potential as a shared space. Also whilst I'm on a rant, I think we need a decent potter and another couple of jewellers. Am I allowed to spread the word on FB etc?
I like change. Change is good. 
Thank you so much Grenville and don't worry we shall get there. 

It's all up in the air, Gaynor.

Having been to this Zoom meeting tonight, I can see why nothing ever gets done. None of them can decide whether to open that area up to visiting artists and rip out all the shelf units. Or not.

I dunno. Enough to make one lose the will to live.

Reminds me of my days in advertising. I'd get a bright go-getting idea so far only for it to be shot down half way through.

Aaaargh! No thanks for all the FB posts and tweets I do either. There seems to be a sense of humour bypass. (I spent many years at JWT Manchester in Dean St where they got where I was coming from ~ and McCann Erickson in Prestbury ~ before I was poached by a London ad agency.)


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