Saturday 28 February 2009

Builder checks out Grenville and Hazel's stack

Terry the builder and soon-to-be new father has an earring in each ear, tattoos on every limb, is 6' 5", 21 years of age but weighs less than I do. His waist measures 28", whereas I'm 5' 7" with a 30" waist and weigh 10 stone, a welter weight. I'm also sans tattoos and body piercings.

His main trouble is that he doesn't eat properly: no fruit 'n' veg, just takeaway junk food. His mother's obviously brought him up wrongly, keeping choccies in the salad tray in the fridge instead of life-enhancing antioxidants. You are what you eat. No wonder he's now contracted IBS.

The following forwarded bit gives you a glimpse of yesterday's soirée when he came round to assess the chimney job with Iona, Taina and Graham's nineteen-year-old daughter (pic of Taina & Graham below, Friday 23 Jan)....

In a message dated 11/05/2008 11:02:22 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Does Terry think he can repair your fissure?

Yep, Terry says he can sort it. No probs. Day's job.Couldn't find a particular track (You've got a bullet in your gun, a fire in your heart etc) on my Trance Nation discs so spent much of the afternoon and evening tirelessly running thru all the tracks to no avail. Think Iona nodded off at one point.To break things up a bit told them about me prostate. Terry was all ears. As I think was Iona. Possibly.

Blood test carried out revealed:

    n Liver fine.
    n Prostate fine.

    n Blood pressure spot-on

    n Bones couldn't be better.

    n Cholesterol ok.
  n Psychology not so good.

Hey, click on this and then contact us and you'll see how I've made our home address into a link to a Google map. 'Course Terry's got sat nav on his mobile so was not that fussed about my html skills.
Right. Must get on with reading The Sunday Times out on the lounger. Some good gossip this wk about this godforsaken govt!

Thursday 19 February 2009

Hallucinating Hare 2

Well, here it is: the cuter, fluffier Hallucinating Hare.

And here's a self-portrait done during a full moon: