Monday 31 August 2020

Re Cooperative Management

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From: Lisa 
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 at 11:06
Subject: Re: Cooperative Management
To: Grenville Allen <>

Dear Everyone,
This is good news that so many people are prepared to take on these Areas of Responsibility.
Many thanks to you all, especially Grenville and Hazel who have explained their experience and expertise.

I personally would like to see written personal credentials from everyone offering to take up Posts of Responsibility, which are relevant to the position applied for, and that relate to recent and current times.
Most importantly, there needs to be a Deputy Chairman as well as a Chairman.

It would be helpful, also, to know how these applications are to be voted on by all the Cygnet members, and for how long people are committed to them: a year? Two years? Five?
Very best wishes, to you all,

As an award winning London ad agency copywriter in the eighties

Fwd: Cooperative Management


'Morning everyone

Playing to our strengths. Above top you see me with glove puppet Sooty on my shoulder and Hazel far right. I worked on the Yamaha Clavinova advertising account. One of the headlines I wrote ran: Sooty will now play Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. My copy then went on to demonstrate the simplicity of playing one. One of my lines ran: good news for glove puppets everywhere. I also worked on the Air France, NSPCC, Grunhalle Lager, Ferrero Rocher accounts, amongst many others, winning advertising awards, getting v drunk v often, etc.

Below top is one of my old business cards (rather worn now ~ like its owner).

I'm only mentioning all the above because you've got me down as 'Rotas: Grenville Allen'. Now, like Damian Hirst I've an army of helpers and aids behind me ~ namely Hazel (as seen shoeless on the right of above pic).

Hazel recently did twelve years at the forefront of setting up Chapeldown Wines in Kent, building the brand, organising the staff rotas, serving in the shop selling English wine. She also had a flair for displaying the product at exhibitions etc ~ likewise my pictures at shows, in the Cygnet, etc.

Before all this she was a top personal assistant to the finance director at Saatchis, London, and to the chairman of the International Racing Bureau also in London. She's been an advertising account executive, can touch type some ridiculous amount of words a minute, cooks, cleans, gardens. Hence my aforementioned Damian Hirst analogy.

Just thought I'd elucidate our respective roles in life.

Now back to my other thing: painting....


    f i n e   a r t i s t 

As an award winning London ad agency copywriter in the eighties

On Sun, 30 Aug 2020 at 20:38, Liz wrote:

Dear all Cygnets,

Whilst the Cygnet should remain as a cooperative with all members being equal and having a right to have their say and vote on decisions as to how it is run, some form of overall management is required.

According to the results of the survey posted by Anna a couple of months ago the following results were obtained.

94% of those that responded felt the Cygnet needed a management structure.

A committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Arts Director was almost unanimously agreed. Other positions to oversee eg: rotas, social media, licences/units may also be needed.

There is a core group of artists that are happy to act as a committee, to meet separately from the main meeting and discuss issues that have arisen as a result of the meeting, come up with possible solutions to said issues, report back and put them out to the vote. This would result in a much more streamlined system, cut down on meeting time and avoid the problem of issues being discussed over and over again with no solution being reached.

The following are happy to take on committee roles (and they have been tweaked a bit). Anyone who would like to express their interest in being actively involved is invited to put their names forward to be included along with the role they would be interested in. 

Where there are any roles that have more than one applicant then it will need to be put to a vote (unless it is agreed between said parties that these roles would be better served as a shared role). As it stands at the minute this will not include the social media/website roles, these are always best shared.

Rotas: Grenville Allen

Marketing & Publicity:

Visiting events

We envisage a short time scale for this so request that any further interested parties names are forwarded to us by Thursday 3rd September. We will then proceed with either voting or taking on our said roles.

Best wishes to all,


Liz, Roz and Cali

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