Thursday 12 December 2019

Fwd: Mind-blowing day we had in April, 2019!

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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2019 at 18:49
Subject: Mind-blowing day we had in April, 2019!
To: Glyn Wakefield 

We were staying with Hazel's sister in Walmley nr Sutton Coldfield as part of our move to Dorset.  And I said that it would be good to try out the Sutton Parade & Lichfield which we did ~ triumphantly. 

Sunny Saturday and I'm already brown so decide to turn up in skimpy shorts & vest.  (H's sister, aghast, afterwards screeches: "He didn't go out like that, did he?!")  Tee-hee!

Anyway, the day went magnificently for us. Just one of those days where everything plays into your hands.  First thing woman & her family stop by, remarking that they've already bought from us in Hempsted Valley, Kent and would like some more.  Then the daughter mentions she's off to uni & I tell her about my days there, my epic poetry etc.  She even asks me to recite some of my work.  Immediately as I tell her about my travels down a wormhole she's open-jawed, goggle-eyed, loving it. Whoosh!  Not only selling pics but reciting my poetry which is going down a storm!

Then loads of sales and even finally - as we're packing away ~ a young woman pops out of a nearby shop where she'd been working and asks if she could buy the long framed racing badgers (with the go-faster stripes) pic: Get Sett Go!  What a brill end to a fabulous day!  

Those nearby stallholders such as Steve Lilly (a fantastically gifted portraitist) and Clem Chucki still keep in touch on Facebook.  Incredibly Steve with his talented photographer wife live right by where I spent the early part of my childhood.  This is the Bert & Gert Sutton Parade market here.

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