Wednesday 31 January 2018

2018 starts on a high note....

There I am peering into a trough of despair

Actually it all came right in the end. Tim the sparky fixed the wiring so the Dimplex wall-mounted heater could be switched back on. There'd been an awful smell of fish which I kept telling #HazeltheMallMoll was coming from next door.  No, it was the smell of wiring scorching & just about to set the house ablaze.  

Pete Britt the car mechanic is sorting out the car which collapsed on a broken suspension spring which also punctured the tyre & broke the shock absorbers as well.  But heigh-ho.

Dave Stoodley the plumber has just left after sorting out the blocked sink.  Water now draining away nicely.  For now.

Chap coming on Friday to stop the shed roof leaking.

To be continued....