Monday 30 November 2020

'Dreaming Spires' and 'A World Beyond'

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From: Laura 
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 at 10:44
Subject: Re: Dreaming Spires and A World Beyond
To: Grenville Allen <>

Hi Grenville, 

All received! They are absolutely beautiful - really excited to give them to my parents next month. 

Very best, 


Tuesday 24 November 2020

Ode to Gold Hill

 Gold Hill is a bold hill

As steep as steep can be

At the top it's a fair old drop
But so much there to see

Wow and whoosh! The sheer drama of the panorama 
Is wondrous to behold
You could be flying on a magic carpet
But you're not you've just been told

'Course it was famously shot by Ridley Scott
For the Hovis brand
To the plaintive strains of a colliery band
And wasn't that just grand?!

[Hums] Daa-dee-daa
Daa-daa-daa dee-dee

But beyond the cobbles 
And beyond the bread
There's a lot more to Shaftesbury 
It must be said

Just Listen to Alfred
It's on every day
If you're local you can listen to Alfred
And have your say

Shaftesbury to Semley, Motcombe to Melbury 
You'll not be left out
What about the Donheads?! I hear you shout

Yes, Donheads St Andrew, St Mary, St James 
All within reach ~ not out of range
Community gossip, anything topical, anything strange

You text, you message, you post, you tweet
See? It's all rather slick and rather neat

[Hazel interjects]
You can record yourself too
Like you're fond to do

Captured on podcasts so it all lasts
Forever and a day.
Marvellous, eh?!

[Hazel again]

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Listen With Alfred Interview Nov 27

Fwd: Tweet from Cygnet Gallery (@GalleryCygnet)

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From: Ginette
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 at 15:13
Subject: Re: Tweet from Cygnet Gallery (@GalleryCygnet)
To: Grenville

Hi Grenville & Hazel,

It was lovely to hear from you again; so sorry for not replying to your earlier emails ~ I'm so not up to speed at the moment.  Do you think Jackie was already planning to move into your attic when she found your new house for you?!  I can't imagine that she thought you would agree to it. Well done Hazel for immediately saying no.  Is she still ringing you a lot and wanting to chat for ages?  And Grenville, is her dog still alive? I remember you saying it wouldn't last much longer!

Thank you so much for this email.  I loved your poem Grenville, and Hazel's singing at the end.  You two are becoming celebrities on local radio, and definitely stand out from some of the other locals (yokels)!

We are alright thank you ~ hope you two are as well.  The sunny autumn days have been beautiful here. I've had some lovely walks in between the dark wet days.

Please keep in touch, you always make me smile.

All the best to you both,


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Cygnet Gallery (@GalleryCygnet) Tweeted:
#BigThumbsUpšŸ‘from our artist @grenvilleallen and wife #HazeltheMallMoll to @ListenToAlfred:

Just tap on the visual link of #HazeltheMallMoll & myself to hear my recital of the little ditty I've written. Hazel comes in at the end SINGING!

Hope you're all well. 

All our fondest


        Grenville Allen

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Ode to Gold Hill written & recited by Grenville Allen

With SFX by #HazeltheMallMoll

    f i n e   a r t i s t