Thursday 20 July 2017

All about the late great Thora Beddard

[Commiserations to daughter Margaret....]

'Morning Margaret

Sad news indeed.  We were fully expecting to send the indomitable, ever-accomplishing Aunt Thora a 100th birthday card in October.  I spent much of yesterday re-reading all about her after following your comment to click here.  As one of my social media friends (now seventy-four herself) wrote after doing likewise: "Total respect, Grenville....What a gal!" 

You had a top-class mother there, Margaret.  One of a kind.

Good to see 14 Freeman Avenue will be still in the family.  I remember the kitchen and how all and sundry just popped in to pass the time of day with Aunt Thora.  It seemed like another world to me.  And then on one occasion there was some relative introduced to me as a seven-year-old who was ninety-two.  NInety-two! Way back then ~ in the sixties ~ I found that quite amazing. 

As regards the weather it can make or break a show for Hazel and me.  It's been lovely the last few days and now on the weekend when we'll be showing in Hythe it's due to turn nasty.  So already it's cost us as we'll have to fork out for one of the organiser's pre-erected stalls unlike our dainty little number:

Anyway, as Aunt Thora would say ~ and my father for that matter ~ "Man up!  Stop being wimps!"

All our fondest

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Grenville Allen

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On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 3:14 PM, Margaret; wrote:
Hi Grenville and Hazel

Just a note with sad news that Thora passed away in her 100th year on 1 June.  She'd had a great life and had accomplished so much (you only have to google her name).  In February she had a fall in the house and had a new hip.  She seemed to recuperate well, but as the warm weather came, her breathing having fluid on her lungs and swollen legs and feet made life very hard.  She was in hospital for 3 weeks and passed away peacefully the day she was moved to the hospice.  

Fortunately my niece who has just sold her house is going to buy 14 Freeman Avenue, so it will be kept in the family.  Nanny Beddard bought it in 1935.

Hope you both are well and not suffering too much with the heat and thunderstorms.  We haven't had any yet, but it's very humid here.

Love from Margaret x