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26 September 2008
12:21:36 o'clock BST
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Mother and baby doing just fine

When they're not creating masterpieces in paint, Grenville Allen and his cloned 'brother' are busy creating masterpieces in real flesh and blood!

What artistry. Baby Grenville has even the token Grenville Allen beard at his tender age. It seems he's destined to follow in his fathers' footsteps no matter what. He'll have a lot to live up to: fine artists, authors, bon vivants.

But it looks like he's got a head start and shows a great deal of promise already. Happy mother Hazel said baby Grenville was absolutely no trouble and already tying his own shoelaces.

If you click on
http://names.yuly.ru/male-i-name-75833.htm you'll see why Hazel had no trouble calling her bearded bundle of joy 'Grenville'. The two Grenville seniors thought the bit about 'increased sexuality' particularly apt.

Hazel and Grenville send their heartfelt thanks to all their well-wishers. And would expressly like to thank Ginette and Melvin Rainbow for the card which arrived this morning. You can see it and its kind comments posted in the new baby album above.
Grenville's old associate,
Terry Ross of http://www.speed-still.com/ fame, has also sent the Allens his best regards: "Now we have your address. The pram we ordered should be delivered on Monday....Once again, congratulations on the new arrival!" No doubt it'll be a twin cam, souped-up model, knowing Terry 'Mr Speedfreaks' Ross!
Talking of things newborn, latest news from dear friends Rose and Steve Smith (see comment below): birth of granddaughter Ellie Rose, weighing in at 3.09kg/6lbs 13, and created in the traditional manner by Sadie and Ian Michell....
Grenville and his cloned 'brother' might be classed as geriatric fathers these days but they can certainly see a potential playmate in years to come for baby Grenville.
A www.grenvilleallen.com worldwide promotion.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent - that made us laugh!!

Anonymous said...

Ta. The 'brothers' welcome favourable interaction.

Grenville and 'brother' said...

That's right!