Thursday, 17 June 2021

Draft Agenda for Wed 23rd June, 6.30pm (Zoom)

Re: Draft Agenda for Wed 23rd June, 6.30pm (Zoom)
To: Cali Norton 

'Morning Cygnet Committee

Thanks for all your tireless efforts, Cali. Your draft agenda is as thorough as ever.

However, it has highlighted a number of bugbears that periodically rankle with me.

*High Street window (Anna)
This is displaying the back of a piece of display furniture which is not attractive. Is it
possible to have the main window facing the High Street and the one facing the Yard clear
of display furniture, unless placed there by Diana?

Is the above 'display furniture' referring to my plinth that someone has moved from its original position? Its original position ~ where I placed it at an angle hid the back of Cali's picture on the window sill. Now all the back of her pic is showing ~ warts and all. I presumed either Diana or Gaynor had moved it as part of their eminent window display policy. Which is why I left it where it now stands.

Clear Floor policy (Anna). Is it possible to have a clear floor policy i.e. no pictures on the
floor or in small easels? This will help with cleaning and avoid visitors tripping over work

Again, two of my sheep pics had been moved from where I'd placed them discreetly tucked behind my browser within my allocated space. Someone had moved them out to be more prominently seen. Which I thought was nice but would probably cause an outcry. It seems I've been proved right on this assumption. Talking of things tripping people up, the number of unwieldy and dilapidated card carousels never gets a mention. Or the ugly blue chair with what looks like urinary stains all across it. And now Des is bringing in Trojan gifts. More about him anon.

I'm putting all this in an email because as is the nature of meetings ~ and particularly Zoom ones ~ two or three people (in this case Cali, Roz and Anna) take over and dominate. So it's difficult to get a word in edgeways. I have for instance repeatedly offered to zing up the wording on the website and create a consistent message running through from social media to advertising etc. All to no avail. I've spent twenty-five years or more writing award-winning copy for London ad agencies for blue chip clients like Air France, Vimto, Yamaha, the NSPCC and so on. But does anyone pay any attention to my advice? No way. 

I would at this juncture point out the artists I've managed to recruit and the products I've managed to sell since I've been producing FB posts, tweeting and writing, designing and producing good old traditional A4 posters.

And now back to mention of Des's request for a free space in the gallery for one of his charges. We've just denied Gaynor a week or two of space for which she offered to pay! (the Trust apparently being insistent that no one is allowed a space without covering a shift and paying the licence fee). So really the idea of Des wheedling his way back in is anathema to me.

Anyway, and finally in the light of all this I'd now like to resign from my place on the committee. Of course I'll continue with all my other Cygnet duties but just not from a committee member's position √† la Stuart Craven.

f i n e   a r t i s t 

On Wed, 16 Jun 2021 at 20:13, Cali Norton wrote:
Dear All,
Please find attached the draft Agenda for our next Committee meeting. I've sent it in both Word and Pages, and if you want to add/amend anything, can you highlight all amendments in red for me please!

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