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Below is an acrylic I painted at seventeen titled Suburbia. I believed I'd instigated a new art movement, 'Suburban fantasy'. In other words, I've been painting and drawing since childhood. My father said,"Yes, we know you can draw. Now get on with some maths and English." Which I duly did, ultimately becoming an award-winning London ad agency copywriter.

My wife ~ who'd only known me as a writer ~ was very surprised one day to see me drawing en plein air the village of Heaverham in Kent where we temporarily rented West Lodge on the St Clere Estate which I also drew. 

Then came my Old Kentish Cottage just down the road in the neighbouring village of Kemsing. This I printed and it became a bestseller at craft fairs and the like. 

And so my range developed over the years and now we're in Dorset with further inspiration: witness my Gold Hill Rising From a Rolling Mist for example.

I like to do figurative work with a twist. Hallucinating Hare is a wildlife painting with a hare surrounded by half-nibbled toadstools. Get Sett Go! is another wildlife scene this time with racing badgers in hot pursuit of the finishing line. Off-Roading Can Be Fun features a hedgehog scrambling about in the undergrowth. While Road Hogs and Road Hogs With Toddler features the same hedgehog after he meets a female and then starts a family.

I've continued painting with acrylics but in an old English watercolour style without the use of white paint. This gives an added translucency. My paintings positively glow.

Twitter: @grenvilleallen

Facebook: GrenvilleAllenartist

Instagram: @grenvilleallen

Mobile number: 07936 206600


My Art

    A Cottage in the Country
Image size: 40cm x 50cm
Signed edition giclée:  £28 mounted; £58 framed

Hilltop Poppies
Image size: 57cm x 70cm
Original acrylic: £950; ltd edition giclées £95 framed, £55 mounted

Scarlet & Black
Image size: 38cm x 30cm
Ltd edition giclées £40 framed, £22 mounted

Get Sett Go!
Image size: 30cm x 60cm
Original acrylic: £395; ltd edition giclées £58 framed, £28 mounted

Dreaming Spires
Image size: 40cm x 50cm
Original acrylic: £495; ltd edition giclées £58 framed, £28 mounted

Gold Hill Rising From a Rolling Mist
Image size: 38cm x 30cm
Original acrylic: £295; ltd edition giclées £40framed, £22 mounted

Road Hogs With Toddler
Ltd edition giclées £40 framed, £22 mounted

"I saw the Sunseekers picture on a day trip to Shaftesbury in the Cygnet Gallery. It looked exactly like our cat Arthur who loves the sun and has made our sun lounge his home, which conincidentally is painted in limewashed green! It was on our way home to Gosport in Hampshire that I kept thinking about your picture and wishing I had bought it. Once home I did some detective work and found you and the picture and was so pleased. It will look superb and l'm sure Arthur will like it too."
Karen Stubington
via email

"...Your large print of 'Drama Queen' is stunning in my living room; so happy with it."
Ann Fairburn
via email

"...I also wanted to say how much I like the beautiful painting, which was presented to me by the Association. Grenville you have a wonderful talent and the picture will take pride of place in one of my guest rooms, once the renovations to my house on Dartmoor are complete."
The Rt. Hon. Ann Widdecombe MP
The House of Commons, London

"Hi Grenville. That will impress my dad with Michael Vaughan having the same picture; I'll tell him he's in good company! Thank you for your prompt service. Dad got it in good time for his birthday and loved the picture!"
Sarah Booker
Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex

"I think 'Beached' is quite sweet (and salty) and has a simple honesty — and at £65 for an original — I'll take it please, if it's still available. Let me know about frames and payment etc."
Graham Cooke
San Jose, California

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